bored out of my G O U R D!

While Buddy's "Broke As a Joke" I'm here at the computer on Saturday night; the kids are in bed, the wife's in the tub, we've just seen the Xmas Parade and this thing is always loud and cool.
Nothing big tonight but I did find a couple of links to follow; first I wanna ride with these guys just cause they got cold ass posters. (Click-it to follow-it.)

And another. Man did I love Smokey & the Bandit. "I said give me a diablo sandwich and a Dr. Pepper! And make it snappy...I'm in a goddamned hurry!"

Who am I kidding? It's still one of the greatest movies of all time!

And finally, life is weird if you pay attention. Click Miss Julie for her latest happenin's:
I'm gonna get me some leftover snow ridin' tomorrow. I'll report just how it went down later. (Maybe)

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