Christmas List

Yeah. I realize posting a Christmas list on this blog goes against the normal blasphemy and skepticism we occasionally throw around but let's not get crazy. We still like gettin' presents an' shit. So without further ado, here are some last minute gift items if anyone was wondering:

Mary Bars from On One in the UK. The Fisher needs these in a bad way. The bars that are currently on it are straighter than my cock on prom night and I don't know of anyone who likes that. ... Anyway, I had a set of Mary Bars on my first singlespeed and loved 'em. If you've never tried a set I highly recommend it. (for what my recommendation is worth)

A Mcleod. I'm currently building a new trail loop on our land and after seeing these babies on the IMBA website the look hamn dandy.

No. Not 4 dudes and a Dodge. (although the Charger would be cool) What I'd like is a membership to the PIT, the fanclub for the greatest rock-n-roll band in the world... The Supersuckers. (preferably a Gold Top one) I'm not usually one for fan clubs/autograph type shit but being a member of this one gives you some damn fine perks. Check it out: http://www.supersuckers.com/fanclub.php Not sure why I haven't already done this myself.

Not just regular suckers. Suckers laced with Percocet and a center that smells like poontang. Let me know if anyone finds these.

Well, there ya go. Answers to questions that nobody had. Exactly what this blog excels at.


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