i should've listened....

To my own advice. See Buddy asked me just last Friday how to keep his feet warm when it's cold and I replied with the ghetto way of ye olde Wal-Mart bags over the socks and in the shoes. It's not the best system but it's liveable; anyway I head to Keystone Sunday with the temps in the 40's but knowing that there was still snow on the ground. And to my thinking 40's=warm so I'll be OK and don't need to bag the feet; however that there snow is wet and when the feet get wet I get to whining; so after about an hour and a half of riding and many dabs & hike a bikes my shoes, socks, and spirits were soaked and freezing.

What'd happened is the show'd been on the ground for 11 days and was finally too tempting to not go give 'er a try; and man was it fun. I was surprised how much traction I had in most situations and surprised how little I had when the trails went uphill any at all. To make any little elevation I felt like I was throwing my body all over the bike to just scratch upwards a few feet. I do feel guilty 'cause the trails were saturated in places and I left deep ruts but I'm also a realist and know that it'll go away in time. (riding on wet trails is a debate for other people)

I took the pic's with my trusty camera phone so the qualities not too good.

Funny how in some places you could still see the rocks under the snow and in others they totally disappeared.

It may be gay but I can never take pic's without getting a pic of her.

When there's snow on the ground and the sign says caution, they mean it.

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