The motocross world, and the world in general, lost an icon. Marty Moates, the first American to whoop all Euro dog asses at the 500cc USGP on a privateer LOP Yamaha, decided it was time to get on with other things. www.martymoates.com Suicide is a strange thing. Some cultures consider you damned for it while others think of it as a respectable and romantic way to end things. Being that I have a dear friend who chose this particular route to ...wherever... not long ago I tend to go with the latter. We all ride our own little crazy train to one place or another. Sometimes it slows down at the station and we step off when asked. Other times it just keeps accelerating until you gotta bail on your own.

Mr. Moates delivering cool stuff to little kids who need cool stuff.

Mr. Moates delivering the historic ass whooping.

Make it count,

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