pimp my mu fu'n ride

Awhile back you may remember a post about totaling the VeeDub wagon. Well it went down that the wife got the cool Infiniti in the garage and I got her old ride. Not very manly, kinda practical and 100% dorkie. So I had to pimp it...All it took was a cool bike rack, one killer bike, and a sticker from Buddy and what was once a mild mannered milf mommy mobile is now known as the kickass Daddy Wagon.

Now on to some funner shit; been to Turkey lately? Like technical? Get some, it is one tough hombre in most spots due to the massive erosion we've occured lately. Add that to the fact that it's been almost 3 months since I've ridden ANYTHING and you get a sum of one whooped mofo. Didn't ride too much, just wanted to get a feel for it. Surprisingly the dudes I hooked up with wouldn't hit Lip Buster on the way out and after riding it I see why. It is by far the toughest I've ever seen it and add in the fact that it's damn hard to even see the trail in a few spots due to the vegetation sprawl and you've really got a badass mamma jamma on your hands. I rode it but by no means did I rail it. After seeing that there has been many other riders obviously riding when the trails were soaked I think I'll start riding when they're soaked too. I can't imagine more riders making the trails any rougher than they currently are. Besides that, when it's 90 degrees outside with 80% humidity those trails aren't drying anyway so I might as well enjoy riding when it's only 70 degrees and 100% humidity.

As we say here at work; fuck it-get a bucket!

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