remember the last post...

About the weather? Hah! It rained HARD every stinking day. Yesterday's weather said no rain and while traveling back to Tulsa I went by Turkey...of course it was fucking raining...HARD! Here's the latest:I promise it'll rain every fucking day...HARD! I crap you negative.

Lack of riding is forcing people to get shed of good shit, here's a set of Mavic Crossmax Enduro's I got for two bills. They retail for $499 and they've only got about 5 short rides on 'em; I know that 'cause I was with the dude who owned 'em and was with him each and every time.
I didn't need a new set of wheels, but at the current pace that I go thru wheels, or was before the 5 month monsoon season set in, I'll put 'em to good use soon enough.

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