stone cold killer

OK, this is way off topic but too weird to pass up not telling somebody. Ever drive along and hit a bird? Happens what maybe once every 5,6, 10 years right? Well two years ago this happened on the trip to Crested Butte. We saw the bird swoop by a little low but thought surely nothing happened, while stopping for gas in Raton, NM sure as shit we found this.

OK, for the weird thing. Back in May I was driving in Arkansas and whap a bird hits the windshield. (#1) No biggie but thankfully no broken glass. Two weeks later while driving with the family a dove darts in front of the car and whap, (#2) it's a gonner. OK, two birds...two weeks. Then the family vacation comes. While driving and going under bridges I make the comment about how close those barn swallows come to the Daddy Wagon but somehow always swerve at the last minute, you guessed it, a little while later whap. (#3) The carnage isn't over though, I hit another dove in Taos New Mexico (#4) and another swallow (#5) in Colorado. Surely it's over 'cause what are the fucking odds right? Well, on the 1st day back to work I'm taking a shortcut on a sidestreet and another dove takes off late and gets it in the ass. (#6) My fucking god this is getting un-freakin'-real. Surely it's over, how many tweeties have to take a dirt nap due to my driving. Well...say hello to #7.
He was found stuck under the Daddy Wagon the other day and still resides there today. He stays as a warning for other fowl friends until he either starts to really stink or falls off and becomes rodent fare.
Maybe a vanity plate with "Stop me, I've killed before and I'll kill again" is necessary to get the message across. Until then the trophy is kinda cool.

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