ahh, a good vacation :)

Took another 3 days off with much better results than last. I planned to do this since the last vacation ended up being such a whirlwind of activities; mostly revolving around the dog. (See last post.)


Carla and I started the day with visiting the kids teachers during their fall break. Somehow, even after spawning kids from my loins, Carla's done a hell of a job with these kids; they're smart, funny, and without a doubt beautiful. I spent the rest of the day with my father re-visiting my old passion; golf. I had a good time with mi padre; and actually played pretty well. I shot an 84 while using two creative mullies. Golf’s still fun but I sure don’t view it like I did before I started cycling.


I squeezed in a two hour ride at Turkey; the trails were in really good shape and would be great if we could get an inch or so of rain to pack the sand down that occurs when we haven’t had rain in a few weeks. Millennium and Boner were divine and mine; I owned those two; however my nemesis Hi-Chi paid me back in spades, scrapes, and bruises. I’m getting there though; I finally cleared a few sections that have haunted me for awhile. One of these days, after sessioning this trail piece by piece, I’ll clean the entire thing. I may have to get a tattoo to remember that occasion by if I ever do clean it. When evening rolled around we were visited by a lady from P.A.W.S. who brought a dog by for us to visit. Carla had viewed this dog in the 'net and it seemed like she'd be a good fit for our family, and she was. This dog's had both of it's front legs broken and is still wearing a cast on one of them.


We had decided during the visit Thursday to adopt Molly so she was spayed Friday and we picked her up that evening. After much deliberation by the girls a new name was finally chosen; say hello to Jessie:

Here's Jessie on her first sleepover:

I think you could say that she's melded with our family quite well.

Friday morning Carla and I painted Isabel's room a delightful shade of pink then visited the French importer of fine linens "Target" to do a complete makeover. As you can imagine upon arrival from a night at her grandparents with her new dog in tow, the new room was icing on the cake.


Whistler and I hooked up for a 3 1/2 hour ride at Turkey. Once again the trails were awesome and the weather was incredible. We rode in this order: climb to dildo, climb to top, first part of Boner to second half of Millinnium, second part of Boner to first part of Millinnium, snake run to Fairydust, back to spider then on to Hi-Chi. It was all pretty good clean riding up 'til that last trail. Hi-Chi extracted a little skin, a little pride, and a drop of blood or two. But, I don't think she knows who she's dealing with, I've got a date set with her for Monday and Tuesday evenings. I shall return! Here's the only pic from the ride that was worth a damn; it features David trying this short little tech climb I found.

I've yet to see anyone clean this; but my money's on that hip cat to do it first. After we finished riding the hard shit we meandered down to the south trail, to Larry, Mo, & Stacy. (Not Curly 'cause Stacy ate shit there hard once, and since him and Curly have the same hair style we exchanged the name) Then on to Lo-Chi, sure alot of people claim this is a beginner trail; but for pure fun, flowing trails at Turkey; it's tops.

Slept in, mowed the lawn, and fucked off!

In conclusion:
It would be hard to say which day was the best. Each day had benefits that were on a lot of different levels and all good.

On to other things:
First; some people just can't stand it when a guy is enjoying life; look at the shit I take from a so-called" friend":

"I hope that your exhausting week doesn’t get you to run down. Poor fella. You’re probably being forced into sex as well. Libbi and I will keep you in our prayers."

That just ain't right; and no I wasn't "forced", I did it willingly! You jealous fuck!

And last but not least; if you're in Oklahoma, and you pull up behind a car with cigarette smoke billowing out the window, with this license tag:

She's probably already spoken for; all the good one's are. But really; who the fuck still represents the "3" all over their rigs, the dude's been dead for four years now. So 3's been gone for 4 so let it go, especially if you're a chick. The guy you're impressing with that is probably your dad. All the other dudes who see you with this think one thing: "Po White Ho". So drop it snaggletooth and get one with daisies on it to represent the inner lady you're suppressing.

Oh, I almost forgot; I found this cool little deal too:
Cursed Anthropologist-Lacerating Villager-Injuring Nightmare

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