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"Freeriding" is the prince of mountain biking. Pick up any mtn. bike magazine; what's on the cover? Some dude, extremely talented, hucking off a huge rock. bridge, building, or skyscraper. (OK, they're not there yet but supposedly Josh Bender's gonna do a 100' drop soon.) Anyway, you get the idea. Me, like a lot of wannabe's see this side of the sport as cool and something they'd like to do if they had bigger testiclees twins. Sometimes I think I could do it, others, ummmmm no. (Sometimes I think I'm a hucker at heart, others a deelux wussy; wussy always wins, always, it's always less painful.)

Somebody who does, or did, and may again in the future is Jason Jump. He along with the world's tallest bike mechanic, and Steve Mullen are the only guys I've actually witnessed hitting the big drops and jumps at Turkey Mtn. I know others do, like Nate (Cooter Brown) but I've never seem them. I have however seen them working their asses off building stuff for them to shred.

Hold on, I'm getting to the point here. Monday I peruse to the local rippers' site, http://www.tulsafreeriders.com/ and read the following: 10/10/05: The Benefit ride for Jason will be this weekend 10/15 and 10/16. Some of us will be heading up friday night as well. The event will be held at Devils Den in Arkansas. There will be riding all day Saturday and party Saturday night and optional riding on Sunday. Food Saturday night will be provided. There will be a shuttle running all day Saturday and we are working on getting some swag to give away. A donation of $50 per rider is expected.. but not required. Please come out and enjoy a good time for a good cause!

OK, local guys bad off, but how bad; here's the reply from Steve (webmaster and serious huckaholic) as to the severity of the injury(s):"Hey, we will be holding it this weekend at Devils Den, you should come hang out and ride. Jason broke his femur (big leg bone) and crushed his wrist after the last race, we went up for a few more runs after the race, he wrecked on the first run, pretty nasty, he is doing pretty well now."

Pretty well...now? OK, I think I'll stay on the ground for...now! Remember, I've got a hot wife and two kids; I can't afford to go big, and go to the hospital, and go broke, and go find another wife 'cause after a bone twister like that this one would finally complete the puzzle that I AM A BIG DUMBASS. She's sniffing it out now and surely a stunt like that'd be the last proverbial straw. Here's a great pic of the trio at the Alamo.

BTW, wanna see Jason Jump jump? Go here:http://www.tulsafreeriders.com/Jasonvids.htm
Get well Rusty.

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