Pros vs. Cons/26” Wheel vs. 25 lb. Rocks

What a weird four day weekend. The first day of vacation was spent cleaning the dog poo, and the second day was spent taking her to the vet. After a 3 day stay at the vet she’ll be coming home today. There has been no prognosis yet but hopefully her quality of life will improve with the medicines they’re prescribing her. I’ve got my fingers crossed; my family is really attached to this 14 year old dog.

A lot of activities this weekend; both good and bad; so here’s my pros and con’s of the four days:

Got to ride Saturday
Got to ride Sunday
Took youngest to the zoo
Good quality time with Hot Sauce ;)
Dealer rides again

Dog ruined the carpet
Spent Friday at the vet office
Little E was a no show at the trailhead
Moved a big rock, accidentally
No ride Thursday
No ride Friday
Dealer’s out of here
OU got killed

Day 1:
That’s the day of carpet cleaning and mass whining on my part. The term shitty day seems fitting and yet still comes up short.

Day 2:
Spent the morning at the vet office, but the afternoon was much better since I got to spend some quality time with my Hottie!

Day 3:
Finally got to ride for 2.5 hours Saturday morning. The trails were perfect, the weather a little chilly, and it was quiet because Little E pulled a “No-Show Jones” on me. Good morning equals crappy afternoon; my beloved Sooners got their ass handed to ‘em by the “Buns a flexin’ Texans”. Oh well, Mack’s still the coach, he’s 3-5 against OU. As long as he’s there OU should do well longterm.

Day 4:
Rode again and this time with Dealer. It was his first time on the dirt since our trip to Crested Butte back in July. Got to see a few nice SS’s having a blast, and one sick dude doing lip buster on a cyclo-cross bike; now that’s intense! Also, while cruising along a trail the rock gods paid me in full when a large rock tangled with the front wheel. How in the world a 26” wheel moving at 5 mph could dislodge a 25 lb. rock that’s buried 4” into the soil I don’t know. What I do know though is that when this happens all forward momentum ceases and the rider gets a soil sample, bruised thighs, sore knee, an aching calve, and a ripped yang. (See my high school terminology for that one.) That fucking rock moved a foot!

After the ride I spent the afternoon with my youngest girl Isabel at the zoo. This kid’s a zoo fanatic and at age six could give a professional tour guide the creeps when it comes to her knowledge of the local zoo. The weather was perfect and so was she. Of all the things I do with my kids taking them to the zoo is tops. My kids love to be outdoors, love animals, and are at their happiest at a zoo. The only negative I ever hear from my kids at the zoo is: “Do we have to go now”. Way to go Isabel, thanks for making what had been a cruddy vacation end on a high note.

Last thing; Friday's Dealers last day here at work; good luck hoser.

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