man what a crap filled day

With a high of 55 today and a little rain last night to pack the trails the day was looking like it was going to be a spectacular day to ride. However, sometimes life just happens. After sleeping in a little on the first of two days vacation I lounged around for awhile, ate breakfast, started to read the paper, and as usual the smell of newsprint got the old bowels excited so off the to loo I went. After exiting 30 minutes or so later I thought I'd really damaged the house 'cause I could smell poo everywhere I went. Upon entering the living room I realized why; my 14 year old dog had destroyed the place with runny poo, evidently she started in the hallway and eased her way toward the kitchen leaving quite a few piles of "high yeller" dog shit across the berber. So my morning was spent cleaning carpet for 2.5 hours! Now THAT's a vacation day well spent.

Needless to say, I didn't ride. My motivation had been robbed, maybe tomorrow I won't have anything holding me back.

Oh yeah, Mountain Mike got a new Trek. Hopefully I'll get to see it in person some day; though it won't be for long since he'll ride away from me due to he races and I just like to ride.


buddy said...

DANGER. Pun use ahead: Sorry to read about your shitty morning. I may have a solution to your situation though! The other day I ran across this thing called a “dog house.” It’s like a house…but for dogs. You put it in your yard and the dog can use it for protection from the elements. Turns out they can survive like that “in the wild” quite well. Technology. Amazin' ain't it. Go ride your damn bike.

kevin said...

Remember; the dog is in her "retirement home". It's her reward for treating me so well during her hunting years.