a walk is a good ride spoiled

Went for a ride and ended up walking. No wrecks, no falls, no nothing; just climbing a hill and snap, crackle, and pop. One dead hub; I'm guessing the pawls sheared off but I'll know more tomorrow. You know, I don't mind shit breaking, but why can't it do it by the parking lot and not at the farthest point away? That's twice I've had to walk my bike out and both times it's been from the backside of Turkey. Oh well, two out of a probable 150 rides ain't too shabby.

On to the ride:
This just in...new favorite trail for flow. BONER northbound; wow do I feel like a dumbass. Been riding here for three years and just now thought hey, how about if I went DOWN the hill! What a fuckhead. Anyway, probably a mile and a half of semi-technical riding, lots of rock-to-rock sections, fast and flowy. Way cool.

Here's the opening salvo of the day:

Before you get there though you gotta ride this:

The climb at the end; well, here's where Showtime got to:

I actually made it a few feet past this, but I won't mention it here. (I don't want to hurt anybodys feelings. )

Why Showtime? 'Cause of things like this:

Believe it or not, that "rollercoaster" isn't nearly as rickety as the other shit these guys have built. However, what you don't see is their attempt to build a wall ride at the end. The Tulsa area orthopedic surgeons will be giddy like little fucking schoolgirls if they get an eye on that beauty. They better get ready for a slew of shoulder surgeries.

And finally, do you know what you get when you have a guy doing some cool shit, with perfect lighting, and a crappy camera?

Umm; Stretch Armstrong? Neanderthal man? Knuckle dragger? You decide.

To recap: One broke hub, several cruddy pic's; anything else? Of course, when I got home the wife says "How'd you rip your shorts?" WHAT, my new fucking Fox shorts?! God damnit! I've no clue how this could've happened.

It could've been worse though; David got a call from work after driving 50 miles and being within 1/2 mile of the lot to only hear that he needed to go back to work. Now that's mucho crappier than a little hub, photo, and short problem.


buddy said...

Thanks for not mentioning how much farther you made it on that climb....or the other 3 to 5 technical climbs that you took me to school on. It's amazing how much easier everything looks in the pics. They just don't do it justice. Again, I don't think the nickname really fits. The guys regularly do the rollercoaster and the big drops are the ones putting on the show. Considering the kiddy sized shit I'm capable of...Playtime might be more fitting. Despite the hub and David's work call it was an awesome ride last night. That Stretch Armstrong effect is cool. Makes me wish I had done that drop nekid.

kevin said...

Thinking back; you made it to the "rock of stoppage" just the same as I did Stretch.