The kickass wife got me this for Christmas:

This guy rules the entire show; well him and Romaniuk. He's 38 and RIPS! His name is Randy Spangler, forever known to me now as Randy "Fucking" Spangler. He's the type of guy you wanna ride with, cool as a cuke and happy to be on two wheels. And to make things even better he's sponsored by Santa Cruz. Guys like this make me wanna buy more SC products just so they can keep supporting him.

This guy, Nathan Greenwood, just about ruins the entire 2 disc set. This asswipe needs a manpon. Why he even saddles up is a guess. He whines for two discs. After Darren Berrecloth leaves he say he's not "impressed"! What? DB kills it and works his ass off repeatedly and eats shit regularly for his efforts. Sadly he's sponsored by Santa Cruz; hopefully that'll all change when his contract is up 'cause he makes me not wanna spend money with SC.

Evidently I'm not alone:

I guess watching this season just proves the fact that good rides are made better with good buddies, and much shittier with dickheads.
And Nate pal, you're a fucking dickhead.

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