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I say path because trail is maybe a bit strong of a word. The word trail to most riders means something well established, possibly even improved. While I've been putting in a lot of work to make a rideable loop around our property I have really done little more than look for the path of least resistance and remove just enough limbs and ground clutter to make it passable. Sometimes that path was already established by cows and at others it was worn deep into the ground by motorcycles and ATV's. Here are some random pics:

Obviously this is a cow trail. I just linked up to it.

Nice little swoopy section of old moto trails. The pic doesn't show how cool the berms are but they are there.

Again, the pic doesn't really do the elevation change justice. I made that bridge about 1 year ago but I'm just now getting back around to connecting it. Considering the speed you hit it with it could be wider but what's the fun in that? ... And now that I've made that dumbass comment it's only a matter of time before I post on here about eating shit on it.

Just a cool berm with some nice buffed singletrack.

Ah, another crash site that I built about 1 year ago. This old tree actually fell across an area that is continually wet. If the trail were to stay on the ground here it would take some serious armoring. In this case, Ma Nature built a bridge.

As you can tell I was running out of light for the pics. Maybe I'll take some more later.

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