jerky anyone

My grandad owns 80 acres about 6 miles from our house. Ever since I was little he’s told me that eventually it will be mine and to do as I wish with it. Originally he ran cattle on it and there are also a number of oil wells littered throughout. Over the years we have laid out a number of different styles of motorcycle tracks all over the place and I’m currently cutting a trail loop for bicycles. It’s really turning into some nice flowing singletrack and I hope to have the first full loop complete in a few months. (pictures to come)

Unfortunately my grandfather allows a distant relative of mine to keep his cattle over there. The dude doesn’t take the best care of these cows and every few months one dies and lays there until nature disposes of it. Now I grew up with cattle around and I realize that this happens occasionally. However, his rate o’ death is a bit excessive I think. One time I called the local humane society folks about it. They put me in touch with their representative in my area. Turned out that this representative knew the person I was reporting quite well. In fact, they were friends. (So much for the anonymous tip) Needless to say, he continues to lose a few cows a year and all I can do is cross my fingers that the poor bastards don’t lay down to die on my trail.

I spent a lot of time out there over the holidays and I got a LOT of trail established. I also found yet another dead cow. But this one was different. It had some bitchin’ horns and I wanted the skull. The first thing I thought of was simply keeping an eye on it and, in a few months, getting the bare skull once all of the hide and brains rotted away. However, you can’t do that. Coyotes and whatnot will dispose of the carcass but they also might tear up the part that I want. This left me with only one option.

That's right. ... I whooped out my trusty axe and relieved the ol’ boy of his head.

Should make a nice art project once clean. A little random info here in case anyone doesn't know, cow heads full of blood and rotten brains be heavier than one might realize and the smell would knock a maggot off a gut wagon. If you ever take this on, be ready.


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