great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts

Thats what the trails were like tonight! Green, slimy balls of accident waiting to happen and happen it did. Went for another ride with the brother and hit boner and ridge again. Boner put it on him first and me second. As long as the trail was going down the hill things were good, once it went up it was a bruising struggle and Stuart had his first decent wreck. When I stopped to look back I saw his bike facing backwards and him entertwined. IT WAS COOL! Of course a minute after his I injected my Captain Catapult tactics in so he could get a laugh. IT WAS UNCOOL! It is how I do though.

To make the ride cooler I got my first night ride in. Here's a camera pic.

All I can say about riding with lights is that it that shit should be illegal.

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