trailwork talk

Wow. We got responses. From 2 folks no less. That's 2 more than I thought read this shit. Seriously though, thanks a lot guys for the input! Really stoked on the free wood offer. (Sweet Jesus that sounded gay) .... My personal opinion on any sort of construction on public property is that it should be as rideable as the rest of the trail it's on. In this case on Lo Chi, I should be able to cruise over it on my singlespeed without feeling the need to unclip to save my ass. I want it to flow like the rest of the trail and not be an obstacle. If someone wants to do something with the rest of that giant fallen tree (ie: log ride, skinnies, etc...) I couldn't be more indifferent. I enjoy the overall flow and sustainablity of a well built trail. Riding a balance beam just isn't my cup o' tea. But I digress... the kungFUbiking trail maitenance team will be heading down to Lo Chi sometime this weekend to clear the obvious stuff. We will evaluate the bigger obstacles and try to determine whether a bridge or a rerouting of the trail is required. Again, big thanks for the input and offers. Stay in touch and we will get something going.

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