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First things first, I did go to the fancy knee doctor about my ....you guessed it... knee. He said there was definitely something going on in there, duh, but he didn't want to jump right into surgery. He shot some steroids under my kneecap and then gave me a giant rubber band and some exercises to do to pull my kneecap back in line. He gave me a month of that before I see him again. I'm not sure I agree with that but then I'm just an uneducated jackass. I asked him if it was OK to ride in the meantime and he says "Sure, just don't go over any hills." ... Apparently unless you're a college or pro athlete you're just supposed to suck. It did feel better a few days after the shot but it's slowly going back to shit now. The exercises seem sort of pointless. I've been doing 'em but they just seem too easy to do any good.

Sorta gave my 24" cruiser to a kid at the track. He's a good kid and needed one. It's not the nicest race bike around. Just your base level GT Cruiser. Definitely a little heavy and he's changing quite a few things to change that. Once my knee gets better I'll pick up another because, no matter how much I try, I cannot get comfortable on the 20". After spending so much time on 26 and 29" wheels that's just too big a change for me. I'm a pussy like that. Think I'm gonna grab a Felt soon.

On the music front I got my first Supersuckers fan club cd. Rocks as expected. Also picked up a few new discs lately. If you dig rockabilly, psychobilly....whatever phrase floats your boat... then I suggest checking out the Nekromantix. Not bad at all. Goofy looking fuckers but then ain't we all?
If you're in the Oklahoma area and dig AMA Flattrack racing I highly suggest you move your ass to the Lazy E arena this weekend. See www.mkeg.com for details on that. Gonna be a good show.

Who knows, it might actually dry enough here this week to put tires to trail without tearing things up.

Go ride,


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