i'd rather watch this

Alright, this whole Landis thing is something that I should have absolutely no opinion on. While I love riding bicycles I have very limited experience actually racing bicycles. Moreover, my results from those races was damn pathetic. I think an elderly man with an oxygen bottle may have passed me at the last, and I do mean LAST, mountain bike race that I did. Maybe it's due to my wimpy asthmatic lungs and maybe I'm just a puss. Despite all of that, do I think that he doped? The lab results sure make it sound that way. The results from a French lab certainly do. Maybe there is a little conspiracy there and maybe not. Whatever the court determines Floyd's victory will always have an asterisk, the purity of pro cycling will always be questioned, and Scott Stapp will always suck.

I think they should fire the whole damn lot of 'em and replace them with the participants of the latest Cycle Messenger World Championship. No police escorts or closing of the roads, no chase vehicles, and no drug policy. The course would not be predetermined. The riders would simply be given a starting point and a final destination. They could come up with their own special stages and the whole thing would end with a giant derby. I'd tune in for that.

Go ride,

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