response requested

Last week when I rode Turkey there were 2 very large trees down across Lo Chi. I really dig that short little trail and I'd like to get out there and fix that. Maybe this weekend. If anyone knows whether or not this has already been done and to what extent I'd appreciate the comments.

Why do I ask? Why not just swing by on my way home from work, stroll down the trails, and see for myself? Walk into those woods, dressed for the office, no bike...? Riiiight. I'm not against the homos but I'd rather not appear to be trying out for the team.

If anyone has info on the current trail condition, do your civic duty and pass it on. I'll do my duty and fix 'em.

Let me know,


Ryan said...

As of Sunday morning, there was a rideable bypass busted through the underbrush around the first half of the first big tree fall. The second half, where the trail immediately doubles back and crosses the massive trunk, was still a hike-over or drag-bike-under affair. As for the second tree fall towards the end of Lo Chi, it looked completely impassable and caused me to turn around.
That first tree is going to be an engineering feat to clear. One man and a chainsaw would be insufficient and probably quite dangerous. I helped 3 other guys clear that big tree fall last year and the trunk of this new tree is larger and more impassible. I'd recommend busting a new trail to the uphill side around the base of the trunk where it was uprooted.
Ahh, the natural evolution of the trail.

buddy said...

Ryan, muchas gracias for the reply! You're right, that part where the tree doubles back is gonna be a bitch. I actually had the idea of building a bridge over it. Not in a skinny little "freeride" sense, but a nice, adequately wide ladder bridge made out of some pressure treated lumber. Don't know what everyone's thoughts would be on that. Again, thanks for the response!

BrianP said...

Finally got this thing going. Buddy, I have a bunch of pressure treated lumber looking for a home if you want to bridge it. I already have a 14 foot (2 feet wide) section of bridge built as well that could be used. Mostly 2x6, and 2x8 stuff, but a few 4x4's as well. I carefully tore down a deck, so most of this stuff is 14 to 18 feet long (with a few nailholes) Also have a chainsaw to help as well. Now would be a good time to get it all down there as the bike path is going right by the entrance to Lochi. It would take me a couple of trips from sand springs with my pickup to get it all out there though. I don't know how many pieces I have but it it makes a 3 to 4 foot stack of lumber, minimum 14 feet long.

All I ask is that we make it look nice, not like some of that cobbled together stuff that is out there. I would even offer to stain it once complete. Would need to buy some nails and I have a few lag bolts, but I prefer wood screws for building stuff like that, although power would be an issue and I don't have a generator, and this project would eat battery powered drivers.

I am out until monday, but could help for a while Mon morning if you could get a crew together.


BrianP said...

Ryan, we could get a "main" bridge over the thing, and it would make a heck of a logride and you could branch some "skinnies" off of it and some drops, but I agree with buddy and we would need to make it rideable for everyone (almost everyone anyway) and that first one would be about 8 feet in the air.