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Fuck it's rained alot 'round these parts lately. It hasn't mattered much to me lately though since I've had little to no time to ride and even littler motivation. My funk is true and can only brighten if the fucking skies clear. See, my bro Stuart's been to hell and back (and even said he saw the grim reaper once) due to two major surgeries all within a month. (Total of 9 surgeries in the last two years; 3 of 'em majors.) While he laid waisting away in Hotel de la St. Francis for 33 of 37 days the family (his wife) turned this turd of a problem into a major D R A M A!!! While recuperating from his first surgery he said how happy he was he'd started mountain biking; it seems it's the only thing he's found that totally wipes out his work thoughts! I sure hope he can ride again; as it stands now that 5 ride old Specialized Enduro Pro won't see Turkey again unless he decides to go under the knife again and risk having this entire scenario repeat itself. I'll support him either way.
During the drama poor li'l ole me felt obligated to keep the mixed nuts in the can from killing each other and the burden of it all made me snap. El Diablo raised it's head and I partook; and continue even now that he's been out for a few days and seems headed in the right direction.

Oh well; I'll quit again...later. For now; I look forward to riding again with a big ol' fucking dip in. It's been 442 days since I last enjoyed that treat. On the bright side though; shitting has been un-fucking-believably fantastic since I rejoined the redneck fray.
I did get one ride in during this fiasco that included the wife on her new whip and my daughter. It was my wife's 1st time to ride since she went back to college to get her masters degree and her skill level showed it. She was quite embarrassed that our 12 year old daughter put it on her and that she actually wiped out on the snake run. In the end she said she enjoyed it and looked forward to riding with the family; and that's what it's all about; gettin' outside with the family or your bro's and having a blast, ragging on each other and eating shit once in awhile.
Outside of trick-fucking there is no finer sport in America.

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