another vacation

I hope to post several ride reports and pic's in the upcoming week due to vacation from Xmas Eve Eve thru New Years Post Post.

I found this, I hope this is what Buddy has in mind for his ole lady's bitchin' Element:

Man; Lib's and Jake would look cool showin' up at the BMX track with the Redline strapped on the back in this sick little baby. Maybe this is what he's getting her for Xmas.

Scab reports coming soon!!!

And no I don't really like the Element, it looks...uh...dorkie? Yeah, that's it, maybe even mega-dorkie!

Calvin-Soon to be hobbled

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rubberduckey said...

hey man congrats on posting the verry first comment ever on my blog.:O) dont be a stranger as for the element you cant be a little dorky its gotta be bone stock or the ultimate dork mobile there is no inbetween

duck out