i told you

See I told you he'd by funny.

I stand corrected on my description of a "hardcore" biker. If 23° wasn't cold enough for you how about this:

In Wichita this morning I saw a male nurse ride his bike to work at Wesley Hospital; the temp? A balmy 2 degrees with a wind chill of -7°!!! Yeah he was geared up with some nice cold weather riding duds, but sheese 2°!

The normal question of “how big a boy are ya” has to be re-phrased to “how small r ur boys”? Could've sworn he'd be humming some Stefani "I'm just a girl..."

On March 3 of 1985 I dove into a farm pond and didn't see my boys for about 10 days. (Alcohol fueled of course.) Maybe, just maybe this dude will get his back for Christmas.

How do I remember that date? 'Cause that's the day I turned 21.

Calvin-Not nearly as hardcore as I pretend

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