man i'm slow

Rode today for the 6th day in a row. I've heard that you should take a break after three or four days of riding but I gotta get it in while I can. Unfortunately for Buddy he was along for the slooow ride, not a rocking Foghat Slow Ride, but a sloooow wore out guy ride. I still had tons of fun riding a little, rapping a little, and learning alot from Boudreaux; the only knowledgeable person I know when it comes to all things AMA. Sorry I slowed you down so much. Mental note to self; follow him to see his lines 'cause he sees things in a cooler funner way than I do.

Now is the time to thank the wife for allowing me to get out of the hacienda so much this week. I know me being under her feet and in her way isn't her idea of a vacation so kicking me out works for both of us. Anyway, thanks for the three to six hours of leave given daily.

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buddy said...

Nonsense. That was an awesome ride. You put us on to the most flowing link up of trails I've ridden yet. That's my new "introduction" loop for newbies. Thanks for the ride and the bs. Good times.