slightly tweaked frame & fork fo sale fo sure

This post goes along with the previous post on 10/12 titled Wussy Deluxe:


For sale: used Scott USA High Octane frame:

For sale: used Manitou Sherman fork:

A whopping $3500 value for the bargain basement price of $1200! Tree bark included at no upcharge! Those interested call Jason Jump (aka Rusty) at Sun & Ski sports in Tulsa, OK.

I saw Rusty yesterday at S&S; it was one of his first days back to work. I of course asked him how he was doing and he said he felt pretty good. His leg of course was hurting him, especially since he was supposed to be walking with a cane and wasn't. The prognosis is another 4-5 months off the bike. I did not ask him if he planned to go "big" again but he did tell me he was selling his frame & fork. I'm guessing the rest of the bike is trashed and therefore all that is left to sell are a few components. Rusty explained that he did a sweet 15' gap that he'd previously done during the race that day with no problems, but this time he was unable to control the speed he carried upon landing and rode off the trail and into a tree. His right leg had left the pedal and smacked the tree breaking his femur below the hip and above the knee! Ouchiemama! Of course the paramedics that were present for the race had since left and it only took a couple of hours for them to show back up! Imagine what was running thru his mind while laying in the trees agonizing in pain; one can only imagine. Here he is with happier thoughts:

Anyway if you want a good deal on a good slightly scratched (see warped and twisted) frame & fork give him a call.

Now the question is: Would I contemplate going "big" again after a crash like this?

Do Catholic ministers make good babysitters for young boys?


Calvin-Still scared

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