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Finally got on the trails yesterday and they were perfect; fast and somehow tacky all at the same time. Let me rephrase that, they looked like they'd be fast. You see my legs had thought we'd given up cycling to tackle the professional eating tour so we had to have a few discussions along the way. Anyway, only rode the Mystery trail northbound and then Hi-Chi southbound. I did not succumb to Hi-Chi but the Mystery trail not only took my pride it also took the cool new bar end plugs that came along with the new ODI Rogue grips that are on the new Bontrager bars I bought to replace the Yeti grips that are going along with the old handlebar onto the new bike I'm fixin' up. (Whew, that felt good.) Yep, new bike on the way; when? Dunno. Worst part of the ride though; two guys said last week: "Yea man let's ride Monday, I'll call you if something comes up and I can't make it." Did they call? Did they show? I now see why Mr. Jones and Ms. Wynette stuggled in their relationship.

Today I decided I'd ride with someone new, someone thrilled to be out on the trails, someone ecstatic to be at Turkey, someone who'll always want to go, he's new to mountain biking but really excited and by the looks of him I'm sure he can stay out there much longer than I'd ever dream of; his name? Say hello to Ralph. (Ralphie boy for old SNL fans.)

Think he'll ever back out of a ride?

He's not too fast for me and he's not too slow for me; he's just right. He didn't exactly take to trail running like a duck to water but with the help of Ben Franklin and Marconi he figured it our fairly quickly. Marconi & Franklin? (See shock collar.) Ralphie only got about 20 minutes of riding and another 45 of walking at Turkey due to my fucking cassette freehub body breaking on a little climb. (According to this post: http://kungfubiking.blogspot.com/2005_10_23_kungfubiking_archive.html a freehub body now lasts me two months and one day.) Evidently the Shimano XT hubs are shit; so now I'm in the market for some hubs that are the shit. I know CK's the brand but man I'm not sure a Hollywood Ho would cost anymore than they do. I'll have to contact Hugh Grant to find out.

Thanks to a loaner rear wheel from Jake at T-Town tomorrow's ride will be a solo effort at Greenleaf. Hope I survive.

Calvin-Freehub mauler

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