ralphie rocks

Did a short ride with Ralphie today and he did awesome. We rode the mystery trail to ridge trail and then back to the lot. We encountered other riders, hikers, walkers, runners and dogs and he never strayed away from my wheel. He must be smarter than he looks; when riding on wide trails he'll stay on your left side and once you get to singletrack he'll stay right behind you; cool eh? He did have one mishap; when we got to the lot there was another rider preparing to ride who'd left his truck door open and of course Ralphie Boy jumped in ready to go! The dude was cool about it which was surprising because he had his work clothes in the back seat and Ralphie trashed 'em. (Thanks for being cool about it dude.) He did have the shock collar on but I never had to use it.

Tomorrow's ride is with Emma, should be a hoot and hopefully the start of something special for her!

Calvin-Kevin's alter ego and not nearly as cool as Bruce Wayne.

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